You may notice many of the items we sell involve sourdough! We specialize in sourdough baked goods because we really believe in all the amazing health benefits sourdough can provide.

Sourdough uses natural fermentation as a leavening agent, allowing the rise and open structure we desire in bread. It is an age-old technique, but is often overlooked after the invention of the commercial yeast and the ability to yield faster, mass produced breads. Although this old-world method of bread baking takes 2-3 days to produce a single loaf, the process is much more beneficial to our body and health as this fermentation process breaks down gluten, making it more digestible, and neutralizes phytic acid, allowing our bodies to absorb more nutrients. Homemade sourdough bread is also less likely to cause digestion issues and intolerances.

Maintaining sourdough culture is fascinating to us, as the lineage of the sourdough culture influences the personality and flavor notes of the bread. The starters used by Madre Made have been maintained over the years, including one starter that goes back hundreds of years and originated in France. Each take on a new identity depending on their environment and "feed" on the wild yeast around them.

Although sourdough makes us think of rich, tangy, rustic country loafs of bread, we enjoy experimenting with using our starter in other baking, such as croissants, sandwich bread, bagels, and even cakes, as a natural leavener for added complexity, flavor profiles and nutrition.